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Neighborhoods and Places of Interest

Downtown Vancouver and the West End ( continuation )



Fax Machines

Act Printing (Royal Centre Mall), #206-1055 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver. 688-7172.

Canada Post Office, 349 W. Georgia Street, Vancouver. 662-5725.

Laser's Edge, 1112 W. Pender Street, Vancouver. 662-3774.

Pender Copy, 1140 W. Pender Street, Vancouver. 683-6773.

Vancouver Public Library Central Branch, 350 West Georgia Street, Vancouver. Level 4 - Copier Room. 331-3620.


Internet Cafes

Electric Zoo, 679 Denman Street, Vancouver. 802-5788

Internet Coffee, 1104 Davie Street, Vancouver. 682-6668

Millennium Bridge, 519 Davie Street, Vancouver. 669-0777

The Web Café, 390 West Hastings Street, Vancouver. 608-8722

When You Need Information Now

by Teresa Murphy

It's 8:00 a.m. and you're having a great vacation. Just as you head out on a trail ride through the Chilcotin highlands, or on a whale watching expedition, you check for messages. The office has tracked you down. Your boss who requires information now for a meeting tomorrow. Of course you're the only one who can possibly do it.

But where do you start - from the wilds of BC?

Here are the information providers who will get you the information now.

These companies are just a phone call, an e-mail or a fax away. They'll send you the information in the format you want, so that you can analyze it and reformat it just the way your boss likes it. And if you don't have access to a computer, they do it all for you. If you don't have an account, have your credit card ready.

Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information
CISTI banner From one of the world's largest collections of science, technology and medical documents, CISTI offers conference papers, 54,000 serials titles, 16,000 currently received serials, and several million reports in the areas of engineering, health sciences, physical and life sciences. CISTI will search for information, customize information, and provide documentation.

Orders: Internet, fax, in person, mail or phone.
Document delivery: photocopies by courier, fax, FTP.
Urgent Orders: $20 per item.
For information
Telephone: 800-668-1222

Ebscodoc provides articles from journals, as well as patents, specifications, standards, thesis and other documents from an in-house collection and a world wide network in all subject areas. Orders: e-mail, fax, Internet, phone, and through other on-line services such as DIALOG and OCLC. Document delivery: courier, fax, FTP, Internet or mail. Cost: $13.50 US per item plus copyright charges. Orders placed from Alert databases on Web Sites cost $9.50 US plus copyright. Urgent orders. Tel: 415-259-5000; e-mail:

Faxon Finder service offers a table of contents database to 11,500 serials titles, 5 million article citations and 300,000 tables of contents dating from 1990, in the areas of arts and humanities, business, engineering, health sciences, law, physical sciences, social sciences, and technology. 1,900 journal issues, 25,000 article citations added weekly. Orders: electronic, fax, phone. Document delivery: fax, courier or mail. Cost $11 US plus copyright charges, Tel: 800-766-0039; e-mail:

Globe Information Services
Globe Information Services provides access to business, financial, political and daily news through sources such as Info Globe On-line, which includes the Globe and Mail, the Financial Times of Canada, Corporate Canada On-line, Canada News Wire, ABI/Inform, Barron's, and over 7,000 other publications. Globe Information Services is the Canadian agent for Down Jones News/Retrieval. Orders: Internet, fax, telephone. Tel: 800-268-9128.

Infomart Dialog Ltd.
go to
Infomart Dialog provides access to the services of both Infomart On-line and DIALOG, which includes over 2,000 databases with more than 500 million abstracts and articles. Infomart provides Canadian Business information from broadcast transcripts, corporate profiles, newspapers and newswires.

Orders: Internet, fax, telephone.
Tel: 800-668-9215;

Knight-Ridder Information, Inc.
Knight-Ridder offers an extensive range of services including access to DIALOG and DataStar databases.

Dialog SourceOne, provides delivery of high-quality copies of original patent documents and articles from 500+ business journals, plus a collection of digitally stored full text documents. Orders: Internet, fax, in person, mail or phone. Document delivery: fax, first class or express mail. Cost: depends of delivery method. Turnaround time: 2 hours. Special features: hard copy of faxed items. Tel: 800-668-9215, e-mail:

KR SourceOne provides documents including conference papers, journals, monographs, patents and standards from a collection of 3 million titles in all subject areas. Orders: e-mail, fax, on-line, phone. Document delivery: courier, fax, mail, express mail. Cost: starts at $15 US. Rush and Super Rush available. Internet delivery of documents available. Other Knight-Ridder Services include DIALMAIL and DIALORDER. Tel: 800-668-9215; e-mail

Lexis-Nexis' electronic libraries provides access to an extensive range of services and databases including a warehouse over 40 million documents in all subject areas from news to legal, from worldwide sources. Document Delivery: Courier, Fax, Internet, mail. Tel: 800-553-3685; e-mail:

I.H.S. Micromedia
25 yrs. logo Micromedia offers a wide range of information products and services, including Canadian Corporate Reports and filings, Corporate and Financial Databases including Canadian Financial Statements Infobase, Canadian Business, Trade and Technology Fulltext, CanCorp On-line, as well as publications. The CanCorp Document Centre offers full-text reports from more than 8,000 Canadian companies. The Global Demand Document Services offers international corporate filings. The Canadian Research and Electronic Document Ordering (CREDO) offers company filings, Canadian Government and Research Documents, Canadian Theses, Education documents, Intellectual Property and Standards documents.

Document delivery: Courier, fax, Internet, mail.
Toll free telephone: (800) 387-2689
Mail: 20 Victoria Street -- Toronto, Ontario -- M5C 2N8 -- CANADA
Fax: (416) 362-6161

FIRSTSEARCH offers 55 databases in all subject areas and document types including 35,000+ journals in the areas of business, engineering, the humanities, physical sciences, science and technology. Updated by database producer. Orders: e-mail, fax, rush fax, mail or phone. Document Delivery: Depends on provider. Courier, fax, FTP, Internet, mail. Special Features: FastDoc database. Tel: 800-848-5800.

QL Systems Ltd.
Canada's most comprehensive legal database service offers 3,000+ databases which include statutes and regulations, and judicial and administrative decisions, Subject areas include taxation, the law and news. QuickFax and QuickCopy. Orders: fax on-line, mail or phone. Document delivery: photocopies by courier, fax, or mail. Cost: QuickFax: starts at $1.50 per page. Minimum charge: $10. QuickCopy: photocopies: .65 per page. Minimum charge: $5 plus mail or courier costs. Special Features: Gateway to InfoGlobe; access to Westlaw. Tel: 800-387-0899; e-mail:

UnCover, an on-line table of contents index and article delivery service fir 17,000 journals and 7 million articles from 1989 onward, in the areas of arts and humanities, business, physical sciences, social sciences, science and technology. Orders: e-mail, on-line, fax or phone through UnCover's Single Order Source (S.O.S.) service. Cost: Articles $8.50 US plus copyright charges. Tel: 800-787-7979; e-mail




Bollum's on the corner of Georgia and Granville offers over 100,000

international book, magazine and newspaper titles, in a nicely designed

store in a heritage building. Browsing is encouraged. If you get hungry or

need a latte, The Last Word Café is on the ground floor. 710 Granville

Street. 689-1802.

Book Warehouse is a chain of 5 stores which offers a good range of

bargain priced books - including remainders, slightly damaged books,

overstocks, and reprints. Downtown location: 1150 Robson Street.


Duthie Books. 8 locations. If you have time to visit just one bookstore,

visit the main branch of Duthie books, which has been the best general

bookstore in Vancouver for over 20 years. The collection on 2 floors

includes everything from Northwest Coast Indian art books to the best

fiction section in town. The writing section - particularly the "how to

write" has inspired me for years. 919 Robson Street. 684-4496. Browse

online at

Granville Book Co. Want to learn the latest about Web Software? This

is the place for computer books. They also specialize in books on film,

literature and the humanities, and science fiction. 850 Granville Street.


Manhattan Books and Magazines is a branch of Duthie Books which

specializes in magazines. If you're lonely and missing your home town

newspaper, chances are you'll find it here. 1089 Robson Street.


Worldwide Books and Maps. Are you planning a hike and need a

topographic or recreation map? Are you dreaming about close by or far

away places? This wonderful store has thousands of maps and travel

guides and well-traveled, helpful staff. 736A Granville Street. 687-3320.


Vancouver has some very good chocolate. Here's our pick of the best.

Au Chocolate. While the truffles and desserts are very good, for the best ice cream bars you'll ever taste, come here. You choose a homemade vanilla or chocolate ice cream bar. Then you're given your choice of having it dipped in Belgian dark, Belgian milk, or hazelnut chocolate which is gently warming in little pots. It's so wonderful you'll float through the rest of the day. 1702 Davie Street. 682-3536.

Daniel Le Chocolat Belge offers outstanding quality in 5 locations. Downtown: 1105 Robson Street. 688-9624.

House of Brussels offers outstanding quality in ten locations. Downtown: 925 West Georgia Street. 684-5444.

Rocky Mountain Chocolates. At first glance the candy apples and fudge in the window may make you think this is a middle of the road place for tourists. Give it a second chance. The chocolate rice crispy squares are truly fabulous, and the ice cream, which is made at La Casa Gelato factory, is outstanding. 1017 Robson Street. 688-4100.

Sutton Place Hotel Chocolate Buffet. The Fleuri Restaurant hosts this decadent buffet. The first time I visited this heavenly place, I was dizzy just on the aroma of the cakes, torte, candies, and various other divine creations. Thurs., Fri., Sat., 6:00 - 10:00 p.m. $13.95. 845 Burrard Street.

Computer and related Stores

Laser's Edge. Do you need something from the Internet downloaded and printed in color? This is the place. 1112 Pender Street, suite 100. 662-3774.

In-Line Computer Support Inc. You're in Vancouver and the drive on your laptop crashes. Who you gonna call? This group will get you up and running. 681-1373.

PCN Computerworks. This group will also get you up and running if your drive fails. 681-1934.

Groceries, including health food

Orange Tree Produce. The freshest produce in the west end - and the best range of fresh cut, inexpensive flowers. Almost next to the Robson Market and right across from Capers. Look for the flowers and you'll be there. 1648 Robson Street.

Capers. This chain of 3 stores has recreated the concept of 1970s "health" food stores into a sophisticated urban cornucopia of shopping excellence. Here health underlies every single item sold - but what a difference. At the front doors the colorful jolt of the produce department (certified organic only) is a welcoming spectacle - from the vivid bright oranges, to the deep green spinach. The bakery section has fabulous tasting low fat/low sugar treats, and an abundance of great breads and buns. The deli section, which also serves Caper's tiny restaurant, is outstanding. Good chocolate too. A natureopathic pharmacy on site if you're out of vitamins or not feeling well. Downtown location: 1675 Robson Street. Open 9:00 a.m. - 10:00 p.m. daily.

Galloway's Specialty Foods. From spices to Callebaut chocolate, plan to spend time in this well stocked food emporium. Two downtown locations at 904 Davie Street, and in the Pacific Centre Mall at 777 Dunsmuir Street.

The Robson Public Market across the street from Capers offers a large array of produce, several good bakeries, a butcher, a fish market, a flower vendor, a good dairy store, a health food store, a film/developer store, and several little restaurant stands (upstairs). Baba's bakery is the best. 1610 Robson. Open 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. daily.

Shopping, including Department Stores

Pacific Centre includes more that 200 stores. Open until 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. Monday-Wed., 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. on Thurs. and Fri., 12:00 noon - 5:00 p.m. Sunday. Corner of Georgia Street and Howe Street.

The Bay is Canada's oldest department store chain, originally named the Hudson Bay. Features 6 floors of shopping. From conservative suits to tasteful evening wear, this is a good, solid place to shop. The "plus size" shop is one of the best in town. Corner of Georgia Street and Granville Street.

On the "mall" level The Bay's market square offers a number of take-out counters, including a well stocked deli which sells good samosas, a bakery with cakes and muffins, and a terrific candy counter with imported chocolates including Godiva from the US, and Rogers from Victoria.

Casa. If it's gift items from zany animal motif napkin rings to wonderful throw rugs, this is the most creative and inexpensive house wares store in town. Wonderfully colorful paper napkins, the best Christmas decorations, and great staff. 420 Howe Street.

Dorothy Grant is named after its owner, the Internationally acclaimed Haida designer. Here you'll find coats, jackets, scarves, and other items all with a Northwest Coast Indian motif. Sinclair Centre. 757 West Hastings Street.

Eatons is a full range department store, which offers everything from hosiery to designer wear, a large toy department, home furnishings, and a good shoe selection. Corner Georgia Street and Granville Street.

Holt Renfrew is the place for very "in" designer wear, such as Giorgio Armani, Gucci, Hermes, and Tiffany. The cosmetics section is one of the few places in town that carries Borghese (from Italy) and La Prarie (from France). Ask around for free samples - like La Prarie's caviar eye cream. Pacific Centre.

Ingledews, may be expensive, but the quality is remarkable. $150 will get you a pair of plain pumps that you'll still be wearing daily five years from now. This is where business women (and wealthy housewives) who want the very best, and the most tastefully elegant shoes, shop. Hard to find sizes. 9 stores. Downtown location: 535 Granville Street.

Marks and Spencer is a British Chain which carries sensible yet fashionable clothing and cosmetics, and has a wonderful food section. The crackers are great! 1056 Robson Street.

Murchies. Since 1894 Murchies has been selling teas and coffees to Vancouverites. This wonderful tradition offers more than 90 varieties, as well as gift items. 970 Robson Street, 662-3776; 1030 West Georgia Street, 685-0618.

Roots Canada. "Live Your Life in Roots" scream all the billboards! Casual clothing, outdoor wear, comfortable shoes, and more. 1001 Robson Street.

Wear Else? is a chain of upscale fashion stores for the business woman who wants to be in style on and off the job. Downtown location: 789 Pender Street.


For information on Vancouver Canadians baseball team games, Vancouver Grizzlies basketball games, Vancouver Lions football games, or the Vancouver 86ers soccer games, phone TicketMaster at 280-4444, or phone Orca Bay Sports and Entertainment Event Hotline at: 899-7444.

Tours - Adventures

Bicycle Routes and Rentals

If you've brought your bicycle with you, or you rent one, you're in luck. Vancouver is a cyclists' paradise. Rent a bicycle from any of the shops clustered along Denman Street or Robson Street, including Action Rentals at 1793 Robson, Alley Cat Rentals at 1779 Robson Street, or Bayshore Bicycles at 745 Denman. Cycle Tours offers half day and full day bicycle tours, including the bicycle from $29.95. ph: 228-9962.

Stanley Park Sea Wall is a very popular 10 kilometer route around Stanley Park, which has a bike path.

Out to the University of British Columbia

If you want a bit more exercise, ride your bike south along Beach Avenue to the Burrard Street Bridge. Take the bike path sidewalk over the bridge into Kitsilano. You'll be on Cornwall Street, and will pass the Kitsilano Beach Area. Continue up Cornwall until it becomes Point Grey Road. Continue on Point Grey Road, one of the most expensive expanses of real estate in Canada. You will pass the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club and the Jericho Tennis Club. You'll arrive at Jericho Beach Park, which has a walking/cycling path right along the water. Continue west past Lacarno Beach, Spanish Banks, and then up a killer hill to the University of British Columbia. This takes about 45 minutes one way.

Boat Tours and Rentals

From canoes and kayaks, to sleek cruisers and sail boats, boat rentals abound in Vancouver. If you want to leave from downtown, go to the docks beside the Westin Bayshore Hotel at 1601 West Georgia Street. From a scenic harbour cruise on a paddle wheeler to a sporty cruiser, you'll find it. Or go to Granville Island. Kayaks, canoes, power and sailboats are rented from a number of locations, including Ecomarine Ocean Kayak Centre which also offers lessons and tours at their Granville Island and Jericho Beach locations. 689-7575.


Public courses close to downtown include:

Langara Golf Course, 290 West 49th. Ave., 321-8013

Layout: gently sloped terrain, tree-lined, wide fairways.

McCleery, 7170 MacDonald Street, 280-1818.

Layout: moderately difficult terrain, tree-lined, water holes.

University Golf Course, 5185 University Blvd. (10th Ave.), 280-1818.

Layout: moderately difficult terrain, tree-lined, wide fairways.

Note: Popular Fraserview Golf Course is closed until 1998.

Stanley Park Pitch & Putt is fun for those who are new to the game and want to test their skills. 681-8847.


For rafting trips throughout the lower mainland and B.C. phone:

Canadian Outback Adventure Company. 688-7206

Lotus Land Tours. 684-4922

Tzoonie Outdoor Adventures. 885-9802


Indoor Pools

Vancouver Aquatic Centre. Lane and general swimming, adults only hours. 1050 beach 665-3424.

YWCA Health and Wellness Centre. Ozone filtered 25 meter pool. Lane swimming. 535 Hornby Street. 895-5777. Note: this is not the same location as the new YWCA Hotel at 733 Beatty Street.

Outdoor Pools

Second beach, Stanley Park. This wonderful chlorinated and filtered saltwater pool offers magnificent English Bay views, lane and general swimming, and a fun little slide, all in a natural forested setting. Open 19 May to 01 Sept. 257-8731.

Kitsilano Pool. This is the largest chlorinated and filtered salt water pool in North America. Swimming a kilometer takes just 8 one-way laps; a mile takes 11 one-way laps. Magnificent English Bay Views, and two slides. North foot of Yew Street. Open 19 May to 01 September. 731-0011.


City owned public courts are located throughout the city. If you're downtown try the Stanley Park tennis courts. Head west on Alberni Street to Stanley Park. Straight ahead are the courts. If they're busy, go to the left, and you'll soon come across more courts.

Walking / Hiking Trails. (see also Strathcona)

Stanley Park

Some of the best downtown walks are in Stanley Park. Have a look at the Trail maps posted throughout the park. Try the perimeter trail which circles the park and provides great views of the Lions Gate Bridge, North Shore mountains, and west to Vancouver Island. Or try the internal trails which weave through conifers and dense woods. Although the park is safe, stick to the perimeter trails if you're alone.

Old Expo Sea Wall Walk

Head down to English Bay and walk southeast on the walking path. Go under the Burrard Street Bridge. You will be directly across from Granville Island. Continue along past the wonderful 1000 Cappeech Coffee Juice Bar (sit outside and have a latte overlooking False Creek), the Thai House Restaurant and soon on your right you'll see Andersons Restaurant. Here turn left, head up the 1 block path and turn right. Go through open gates and you'll be on the old Expo Sea Wall route, which edges False Creek. You'll see wildlife - such as Canada Geese, rowing teams out practicing, tour boats, and lots of joggers and roller bladers on this popular, tranquil path.


English Bay Beach Sport Centre right on English Bay offers private and group lessons and rentals for all levels of surfers. 685-7245.


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