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This demonstration article originally published in Provenance the Electronic Magazine (now the Web Magazine) in December 1995 with information courtesy of Munters Moisture Control Services, Surrey, B.C., Canada, Branch Office.

  • The Pioneer in dehumidification drying services.
  • A Division of the global Munters Group.

When disaster strikes: Flooding - Fire - Broken pipes - Hurricanes or Storms, the MCS Advantage is there.

After earthquakes, floods, fires, or plumbing failures, Munters drying technology saves 30-70% of reconstruction costs. Munters prevents mold, mildew and dries deeply to ensure moisture problems do not recur. After flooding receded at Albany State College, Albany, Georgia, Munters shipped 150 high-tech dehumidifiers to simultaneously dry 31 water damaged buildings.

Munters has the largest and most advanced fleet of water damage recovery equipment in the world. Large Munters dehumidifiers can extract more than 800 gallons of water from water damaged materials each day

How Munters high-tech drying helps building owners recover and insurers control losses!

illustrationClick on thumbnail for full (103 kb.) image. Today, Munters high-tech dehumidifiers have revolutionized recovery from water damage. Less than ten years ago, building interiors were routinely gutted and rebuilt after water damage. Modern advancements, pioneered by Munters Moisture Control Services, the oldest and largest company of its kind--now save millions of dollars in recovery costs and allow buildings to remain open or reopen safely much sooner.
files drying technician checking file drying condition

A temporary drying facility for files and documents.

Monitoring moisture in x-ray records & file documents

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Munsters Moisture Control Services
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