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ISSN 1203-8954 - Vol.2, No.1 - December 1996

Information Systems Support Services

The publisher of Provenance Web Magazine would like to acknowledge the continued assistance, much of it voluntary and generously donated by:

  • Internet Gateway Corporation, our primary sponsor for Internet services and their patient technical support staff and systems administrators;
  • Dave Dillabough, our Internet Unix guru;
  • Jaz, Robert and Andre, London Drugs Computer Dept., Kerrisdale Branch, Vancouver; a great V.A.R. (value added reseller);
  • a new sponsor for our developing mirror site.

Dave Dillabough Dave is owed the honor of being the first to introduce us to the Internet and the beta versions of the Mosaic web browser. This photo shows him configuring a new monitor.

His comment 3+ years ago was that the Net had reached a "critical mass" for expansion.

Jaz, Robert & Andre For many small organizations when something goes wrong or you want advice for a new piece of equipment or software, one place you often turn to is a V.A.R. (value added reseller) that you trust.

In this past year our V.A.R. has primarily been the Computer Department of a local large chain of drugstores called London Drugs. As the photo indicates, the staff represent the cosmopolitan flavor of the Vancouver area.

This is not a paid advertisement for London Drugs, it just happens that my first computer, a Morrow Micro Decision, using the CP/M operating system was purchased through London Drugs 14 years ago. Having a computer service open extended hours 7 days a week was pretty rare then.

We wish all our friends and technical support specialists a Merry Christmas!

Neal Chan,

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