Provenance the Web Magazine ISSN 1203-8954 - Vol.1, No.3 - July 1996

From the Editor

Readers of this issue should note that my current attitutde towards librarianship, information studies, and emergency management is neatly summed up by the expression on the face of my cat, the redoubtable Tigger, in this photo:

cat asleep with empty wine glass

Tigger has just finished a case of fine Australian Chablis, a gift from friends at the National Library in Canberra. As is obvious from the photo, he is content to pass the summer in a peaceful doze. Upon awakening in late September, he will return to the arduous tasks of rodent retrieval, bird capture, and the editing of the early novels and correspondence of Patrick White.

By the end of the year, Tigger will have accomplished much and impressed many. The only possible obstacle is another case of that Chablis.

Here's hoping!

Best wishes to our sponsors, contributors, and supporters for a good summer -- or winter, depending on your hemisphere.

Guy Robertson,
July 1996, Vancouver, B.C.

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