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Brenda L. Wong Curriculum Vitae / Resume

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1997 resume below | 2003 updated resume on Adobe Acrobat PDF file |

Library and Information Technology

Library Technician
- Down Syndrome Research Foundation and Resource Centre
- designing and installing database for information center
- cataloging and entering records into database
Library Technician
- Marketing Department Library of the Vancouver International Airport Authority
- worked with a librarian consultant and preparing cataloguing records
Library Assistant
Vancouver Talmud Torah School
- editing catalogue records and weeding juvenile collection
Circulation Clerk
Richmond Public Library
Contributing Editor & Writer
Provenance the Electronic Magazine for Information Professionals
Pacific Post
West Coast Women & Words Society

Selected Publications

  • Non book materials essential at Women's Information Centre, Provenance the Electronic Magazine for Information Professionals, ISSN 1203-8954, v.1, n.2 ( url )
  • B.C. Book Prizes: A History, Provenance the Electronic Magazine, ISSN 1203-8954, v.1 , n.1
  • Malaysia profile, Pacific Rim Magazine, ISSN 0847-4745, 1995

Internet Applications

  • Pine, Eudora, MS Mail
  • gopher, ftp, telnet
  • Netscape, Trumpet Newsreader
  • HTML

Library Software

  • CLSI
  • Library Master
  • Eloquent Librarian

General Applications

  • Excel
  • Word
  • WordPerfect
  • Lotus 1-2-3
  • dBase

Awards & Professional Development

  • 1995 Peter Keller Memorial Scholarship
  • 1995 British Columbia Library Association Conference

Professional Affiliation

  • British Columbia Library Association

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