PROVENANCE: Volume 1, Number 1.0 - Dec. 16, 1995

ProAct DataStor Corporation

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ProAct DataStor Corporation's objective is to assist public and private sector organizations in protecting their enterprises from loss. We will accomplish this objective by working with our clients to develop and implement plans and strategies that anticipate both minor and major business interruptions and by safeguarding their mission critical information. In so doing, we will reduce risk and accelerate business resumption in the event of a disaster.

Business continuity Services

ProAct Datastor Corp., and its associates have provided a broad range of business continuity planning services, computer consulting, and technical services to their clients since 1990.
Services include:
  • Comprehensive systems audit and inventory

  • Risk assessment and evaluation

  • Comprehensive mitigation and risk management

  • Emergency preparedness planning and training

  • Disaster response planning and training

  • Business resumption planning

  • Data Backup and recovery strategies

  • Strategic alliance negotiations

  • Disaster planning audit and strategy

  • Planning communications

A partial list of our clients includes Pacific Coast Savings Credit Union, The Abbotsford Hospital, Seaboard Life Insurance Company, the Insurance Corporation of B.C., and the New Home Warranty of B.C. & Yukon.


ProAct Datastor Corp., and its associates have provided a broad range of computer consulting skills and technical services to their clients since 1990.

The key success is our ability to perform as a central outsourcing agency, providing clients with the specific technical expertise that they require on an "as needed" basis.

As an outsourcing agent, we assist our clients in reducing the largest cost component of their information system installations... the acquisition, training, and maintenance of technical personnel.

ProAct Clients are able to keep their organizations current with evolving technologies. The need for large investments in training and personnel overheads are significantly reduced.

As an adjunct to outsourcing, we position clients to take advantage of constantly evolving open systems, and ensure that their investments in equipment and software are amortized over the longest possible period through our abilities as systems integrators.

In order to fulfill these obligations, we must know our Clients' business and its processes. We must assist in maximizing their "Information Assets," and we must complement their Information Systems departments by extending their capabilities without expanding their operating budgets.

This approach has kept us financially and technically competitive. We have enjoyed average annual revenue growth of 38% since 1990.

The Future

Follwoing twelve months of intensive research into the field of enterprise data management, disaster planning, and disaster recovery, we established a strategic alliance with InfoSure™, a business unit within the British Columbia Systems Corporation (BCSC).

InfoSure's mandate is to make a broad range of computer and computer related services available, initially to the public and private sectors, through Distributor Agreements, the first of which was signed by Datastor on September 14, 1994.

Our first joint offering with InfoSure is a fully automated, remote data backup, recovery, and archiving service utilizing InfoSure's technology and province-wide network, and a world class, post disaster security facility.

This service was piloted at the Ministry of Social Services, the Ministry of Finance, The Richmond Hospital, and the New Home Warranty Program of B.& Yukon. Production roll out began on November 1, 1994.

We are understandably excited with, and proud of our involvement in this project.


Our principal consultant, Guy Robertson is a specialist in information security and disaster planning for organizations in the public and private sectors. He has assisted in the development of emergency preparedness and business resumption plans for insurers and banking institutions, colleges and schools, community centres, government departments and crown corporations, office complexes, unions, and engineering firms.

Using microfilm, magnetic and optical media, he has developed some of the more sophisticated back-up and recovery systems in Canada.

He is also or technical consultant at Data Base File Tech in Victoria, where he advises clients on vital records storage, conservation of rare materials, document management, emergency communications and disaster planning strategies.

Mr. Robertson has delivered lectures and training sessions to many corporations and international groups on the above mentioned topics. His articles appear regularly in business and technical journals. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in 1981 with a Masters Degree Library Science.

For additional information, or to arrange a convenient time for a preliminary consultation, please:
- Telephone us at (604) 687 - 7800
- Fax us at (604) 669-3446

- Write - Ken Nagel
605 - 815 Hornby Street
Vancouver, B.C.
V6Z 2E6

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