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25 years ago, we heard that the "half-life" of a degree was 5 years. Futurists were predicting 5 major job changes in the career life of college graduates 25 years ago. Many of us today can look back and evaluate those comments, and look forward to what we have to do to keep functioning in our work as information specialists. Twenty five years ago the "Internet" was one year old!

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ISLAND BULLETIN #4 - December 1995


In cooperation with Camosun College (Victoria, B.C.), the Library Technician Department at Langara College (Vancouver, B.C.) will offer two more courses in library work. The first course begins on January 9, 1996. Both courses are recommended for the completion of Langara's Library Technician Diploma.

A formal agreement between Langara and Camosun to provide a full program of part-time study is currently in process.

Langara's library technician instructors are looking forward to getting reacquanited with students who took sections of LIBR 118, LIBR 120, and LIBR 195 in fall '94 and spring '95. New students are always welcome.

The new year will see a number of exciting developments in Continuing Education on Vancouver Island. Library Technician courses are increasingly popular, and new courses are under development. Through a range of up-to-date technical courses, Langara and Camosun hope to attract a broad group of students and prospective Island employers.

Suggestions for new course may be faxed to (604) 323-5555. Let us know what, when and how you want to learn!


Reference service including basic tools in both print and electronic form. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, almanacs, handbooks, gazetteers and other resources will be examined in depth.

The reference process in most library settings will be covered, with special attention to the needs of modern users. Interlibrary loan procedures will also be discussed.

There are no pre-requisites for this course, although some library experience, basic computer skills and familiarity with library terminology would be an asset.

  • 12 weeks: starting January 9, 1996 at Camosun College, Tuesday evenings, 6:00-9:30 p.m.
    Location: General Purpose Building room 102

  • Cost: $385, plus a one-time $40 registration fee for new students

  • Instructor: Catherine Winter, MA, MLS.
    Ms Winter is a senior administrator and reference specialist at Camosun College Library. In previous terms she has offered a number of continuing education courses, and is considered one of Vancouver Island's leading experts in library technical issues.

A practical, operations-based examination of modern records management policies and procedures. Topics include the development of inventories, retention schedules, and indexes; automated systems and conversion strategies; storage and conservation; recycling; security and confidentiality: archives and manuscripts; grey literature; and the management of a records centre. Field trips and group investigations of specific problems will be an essential part of the course.

There are no pre-requisites for this course, although experience in clerical work and basic computer skills would be helpful.

  • 12 weeks: March/April 1996 at Camosun College, Tuesday evenings, 6:00-9:30 p.m. Location TBA

  • Cost: $385, plus a one-time $40 registration fee for new students.

  • Instructor Guy Robertson, MLS.
    Mr. Robertson has offered library tech and information management courses at Langara, University College of the Fraser Valley, Douglas college, and various continuing education departments. He is currently senior planner at Proact DataStor Corp. in Vancouver and archivist at Pacific Coast Savings Credit Union in Victoria.

Application / Registration Process

Registration for Individual Courses

Anyone wishing to take these courses may apply and register as Langara Arts & Science students.

Not everyone wants or needs the full diploma, and many students might want to take a course for general interest or pleasure. There is no formal selection process.

Upon successful completion of courses, students will receive credits from Langara College. Credit received this way can be rolled into the Diploma stream when the student has been accepted into the Library Technician Program.

Currently a Certificate of Completion is being considered for those Vancouver Island students who wish to complete only the core library courses.

Application to the Diploma Program

Students may apply to the Library Technician Diploma stream at any time. A separate Career Program application form must be completed and a more rigorous selection process takes place for each applicant.

As much of the interest in library tech studies on Vancouver Island is from library employees, many Vancouver Island students will have no problem meeting Langara's selection criteria. Mature, self-starting and experienced library staffers are ideal candidates for the library tech program.

If you have any questions or concerns about your application to the Diploma stream, please telephone (604) 323-5418.

How to register

A registration/information session will be held on Wednesday, December 13, 1995

- in the Media Classroom in the Library at the Lansdowne Campus of Camosun College

- a Langara College faculty representative will be available from 4:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. for consultation and drop-in registration.

- Students will be asked to fill out a Langara College Arts & Science application form and register for one or both courses.

- Cheques (including VISA and Mastercard cheques) made out to Langara College will be accepted at this time. A separate cheque for $40 ( a one-time only registration fee) is required if the applicant has never taken a course at Langara.

- At this time, applicants may discuss the Diploma stream, suggestions for new courses and continuing education offerings, and matters relating to advanced credit. Students are welcome to apply for the Diploma program during this session.

Students unable to attend this session may register at the beginning of the first class. Please note, however, that since spaces are limited, early registration is recommended.
Do not send applications for course registration or for the diploma program to Langara College. Forms should be left with the Langara faculty representative at the information session or given to the instructor at the first class.

For more information, please call (604) 323-5418 (Vancouver, B.C.).

Best wishes for a happy and safe holiday season!

From the Library Technician Department at

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