PROVENANCE: Volume 1, Number 1.a December 01, 1995


Canada's Coalition For Public Information

Royal York Hotel
February 6-7, 1996, Toronto, Canada


The convergence of telecommunications and computerization has lead to the development of a global information network which can transmit massive amounts of digital information to almost any location on the planet. Digitization, combined with convergence, enables access by, and delivery to, a broader and larger audience than was ever possible using traditional formats.

The Digital Knowledge conference will give you the opportunity to learn not only about the concept, but about the process of digitization as well. It will give you the opportunity to see the results of several key digital initiatives. The conference will explore the varying public policy issues around digitization. And, most importantly, it will give you the information you will need to begin to bring your institution forward into the digital world.


To bring together experts in digitization to share their knowledge and expertise, and to assist conference delegates in developing their own institutional strategies for the digitization of the knowledge-base in Canada.

CPI wishes to acknowledge the generous support of Industry Canada, GEAC Canada, IBM and of the Canadian Library Association in helping us to achieve this goal.


  1. To present papers on leading edge digital initiatives and on the planning, public policy issues, technology and implementation of digital projects in Canada.

  2. To showcase some leading-edge digital initiatives through live demonstrations.

  3. To provide conference delegates with the information they need to initiate digitization strategies in and among their institutions.

  4. To help to define the requirements for developing a unique Canadian voice in a knowledge-based world.

  5. To examine the recommendations on digitization put forward by Canada's Information Highway Advisory Council.


This conference is essential for anyone wishing to participate in the digitizing of Canada's knowledge base.

It will be of paramount importance to leaders in information technology and communications, archivists, artists, educators, gallery directors, industry leaders, librarians, museum directors, public policy analysts, publishers, researchers, writers, and to anyone interested in the future of Canadian knowledge.



Stan Skrzeszewski,
CEO, Canada's Coalition for Public Information
& Principal, ASM Consultants

411 Rippleton Place
London, Ontario, Canada N6G 1L4

Tel: 519-473-7651;
Fax: 519-471-9945;


Tuesday February 6, 1996: A Digital Future

9:00 am. Welcome and Introduction
Liz Hoffman, Chair & Stan Skrzeszewski, CEO, Canada's Coalition for Public Information.

9:10 Introducing the Digital Society
Keynote speaker: Derrick de Kerckhove, Director of the McLuhan Program, University of Toronto. Sponsored by GEAC Canada Ltd.

10:00 - 12.30 Visioning the Future: The transformative nature of digitization - A Panel.

10:30 Coffee Break

10:45 Visioning the Future (continues) 12:00 Questions to the Panel

12:30 Lunch

2:00pm. A Key Issue: Intellectual Property (Plenary Panel)
Convenor: Fred Wardle, Canadian Almanac & Directory

3:30 - 5:00pm. Issue Panels: [concurrent]


Convenor: Alan MacDonald
Speakers: - Alan MacDonald, Director, Information Services, University of Calgary - Carole Moore, Chief Librarian, University of Toronto. - Mary Jane Maffini, Director, Information Services and Product Development, CISTI. Sponsored by the Canadian Library Association.

2. CULTURAL PANEL Convenor: Jennifer Trant, Manager, Imaging Initiative, Getty Art History Information Program. Speakers: - Dr. Maxwell Anderson, Director, Art Gallery of Ontario - Lyn Elliot Sherwood (invited), Director General, Canadian Heritage Information Network. - Jean-Claude Guedon, Professeur titulaire, Universite de Montreal.

3. DIGITIZATION IN THE WORKPLACE Convenor: John Anderson, Labour Researcher and Teacher. - Theresa John, Researcher. - Marc Belanger, CUPE. - Bruce Roberts, CAW.

7:30 Dinner

8:30 Speaker to be announced.

Wednesday, February 7, 1996: ISSUES and STRATEGIES

9:00 Economics of Digital Knowledge. (Plenary Panel)
Convenor: Andrew Bjerring, President and CEO, CANARIE Inc.
Sponsored by IBM Canada.

10:15 Coffee Break

10:30 Issue Panels: [concurrent]
  1. Consumer Needs Panel
    Convenor: Charles McClure, Distinguished Professor, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University.
    • Charles McClure. Peter Scott, Manager, Small Systems, University of Saskatchewan Libraries.
    • Andrew Clement(invited), Faculty of Information Studies, U. of T.

  2. Education and Training
    Convenor: Barbara Clubb, CEO, Ottawa Public Library.
    • Harvey Weir, Director, STEM~Net & Chair, Canadian Education Network Coalition.
    • Dr. Joseph Janes, Assistant Professor, School of Information and Library Studies, University of Michigan.
    • Marita Moll, Canadian Teachers' Federation.

  3. Gender Issues in a Digital World
    Convenor: Leslie Regan Shade.
    • Leslie Regan Shade, Consultant, Constructive Advice.
    • Ellen Balka, Assistant Professor, Women's Studies, Memorial University.
    • Maureen James, Peregrine Wood, WomensWeb.
12:00 Noon: Lunch

1:15pm A Generational View: Digitization Projects presented by Young People.
Convenor: Maureen Cubberley, Canada's Coalition for Public Information.
Sponsored by Industry Canada
Introduction. Doug Hull, Director General, Science Promotion and Academic Affairs, Industry Canada.
Presentations: Gordon Fraser and Students, East Pictou Rural High School, Nova Scotia.

2:15 Towards the Digital Library
Larry Bowden, Director of Multimedia, IBM Software Solutions.

3:00 Break

3:15 Cultural Diversity and Global Digitization
Jean-Claude Guedon, Professeur titulaire, Universite de Montreal.

Marianne Scott, National Librarian and John Black, President, Ontario Library Association.


Invited displays include:
* Industry Canada
* IBM's Digital Library
* National Library, "Electronic Publications Pilot"
* University of Toronto: "Initiatives at the University of Toronto".
* "The Can-Linked Initiative"



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