PROVENANCE: Volume 1, Number 1 - December 17, 1995


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This Web magazine is in part the result of the exciting energies generated by the 2 day forum "Networking the Pacific" held in Victoria, B.C., Canada, in May 1995. The forum was convened by Stan Skrzeszewski, ASM Consultants (London, Ontario, Canada) as part of the pre-conference activities of the Annual B.C. Libraries Association Conference.

The forum was attended by about 60 participants, representing private and public sector agencies from across the Pacific Rim. People came from Australia, New Guinea, Singapore, China, Japan, Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Agencies ranged from:

Sample pictures from the forum


Left to right: Maria Ng, The Asian Network, IDRC Singapore; Carole Joling, IDRC; Jack Cain, B.C. Trade Development Corp.; Hiroshi Kawamura, U. of Tokyo; and Leonora Crema, U.B.C. & B.C.L.A.

Dr. Jesus Lau, University Librarian & Jesus Cortes, Associate, Universidad Autonoma de Cuidad Juarez, Juarez, Mexico and Pat Cavill, President, Canadian Library Association

Left to right: He Yang, Ministry of Culture, Beijing, China; Leonora Crema, U.B.C. & B.C.L.A. President; Roland Yeo, Netcentre Pte. Ltd., Singapore; Maria Ng, The Asian Network, IDRC Singapore; Warwick Cathro, National Library of Australia, Canberra.

Left to right: Dr. Marianne Scott, Stan Skrzeszewski and Robert Felsing, University of Oregon

Dr. Marianne Scott, National Librarian, National Library of Canada

Margaret Andrewes
Communications Coordinator
ISM Library Information Services (Past President of the Canadian Library Association)

John Evans, University of Papua New Guinea

Follow-up Business

A number of initiative were raised at the forum, including:

Ways and Means to Implement Initiatives

In light of the pending budget and staff cutbacks at the National Library of Canada and the International Development Research Centre Canada, these agencies were not able to offer assistance to deal with the first point outlined above.

Neal Chan

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