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Articles & reports - Vol.4  No.1 - 2002

Paper crazy no more:  records management for library chaos junkies
by:  Guy Robertson
read an eight step program to counterattack the lack of good records management (RM) in a library

Integrating western and traditional information processing:  observations from Papua New Guinea
by:  Stuart Hawthorne & John Evans
read "The literature covering the implemention of Western designed information systems in developing countries frequently attests to the difficulty of matching the world view of the local community with the way knowledge is represented in the system."

Seniors:  What they want and what they get in Canada's public libraries
by:  Guy Robertson
read article.

First lights and last stands:  Custer and the Indians Together Again:  American Folklore & History
by:  Brian Buchanan
read perspectives on the Battle of the Little Big Horn

In memory of Douglas Jung, LLB, Order of Canada, Order of British Columbia:  Canada's first Chinese Canadian Member of Parliament and part of Canada's U.N. team
by:  WWII Veterans honor guard

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Volume 3 No.1 Winter 2000

400 year old Greek & Latin copy of Homer's Ulysses examined by Provenance consultant

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