Directory of Japanese Speaking Lawyers and Canada Immigration Consultants in Vancouver BC Canada

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BC Lawyers offering Japanese language services in Vancouver & Victoria BC Canada

  • FRANK Y. HANANO, Barrister & Solicitor
    Japanese speaking lawyer

    Barrister & Solicitor, Notary Public 弁護士・公証人昭和15年に大阪で出生。戦争中の疎開を除いては大阪にて育つ。昭和32年にカナダに移住し Grade 9に入る。University of British Columbiaの文学科を卒業後 Western Air Lines と日本航空に勤務。University of British Columbia法学科に31歳にて入学。35歳にて弁護士資格を取得。弁護士経験20年。現在はConnell Lightbody 法律事務所のパートナー。当事務所は弁護士20名。日本の企業、個人、移住者が私の主なるクライエント。

    数年前から日本語のニュースレターを顧客や友人達に送りたいと考えていた。でも実行になかなか移せなかった。「一旦やりだせば何とかなるだろう」とか「悪けりゃ止めれば良い。。。。」という「安易・単純」な考えで方でいかなければ何時まで経っても実行は無理だろうと考えるようになったので、今年の9月には決心をし、思い付いた事を書き、約50名程度のお客様と友人達にニュースレターを送った。最初から自分自身に言い聞かせたのは、法律だけの事を書くのは「論外」。ドライで読みづらい物をつくる気は全然無し。書く方も面白くないし、読む方も同じで ろう。最初に書いたニュースレターに関しては読者から「漢字の誤字が る」とか、「文法が可笑しい」とか、「言い回しが英語的」とか色々なコメントを頂いたが、内容については「面白い」とか「ほかでは得難い情報が読める」とかいうコメントを受けたので(今になって思えばどうもそれは”おせじ”だったようだが)それに励まされて11月に又書いて発信した。読者の中から「叩き台を見てやろう」という親切な人も出てき(彼は私の誤字に耐え兼ねたのではないかと思うが:「感覚」が「間隔」になったのに気づかれた方もおられると思うが)少しずつ読み易い文章になってきているのではないかと自負希望している(未だ未だという声も聞こえるが)。
    [editiorial note above Japanese language profile quote fr. Hanano's website 050304 s h i n n o v a - which in 2009.05.15 no longer functioning]

    Frank Y. Hanano, Barrister & Solicitor
    #1711 - 808 Nelson Street,  P.O. Box 12148 Nelson Square
    Vancouver, BC V6Z 2H2
    Tel:  * 604-662-7230

    updated Hanano phone 2009.05.15-2009.01.13 nc
    thx. again to radio canada email

    Japanese speaking lawyer
    P.O. Box 12159 - Nelson Square
    509 - 808 Nelson Street,
    Vancouver, BC  V6Z 2H2 Canada
    Tel:  604 685-4467
    see also for reference

    Japanese speaking Canadian Immigration & Business Lawyer
    with over 24 years experience in helping individuals, families and businesses come to Canada

    "Brian is a National Executive Member Canadian Bar Association Immigration Section. [s/a  He is Past Chairman of the Canadian Bar Association BC Immigration Section.  He frequently lectures/writes on immigration visa and work visa matters.  In particular on Businessman immigration options, Investor business immigration, BC Provincial Immigration Program (BC PNP), other provincial immigration programs, work visa and cross border matters.  He is the Co-Editor of the Canadian Bar Association National Immigration Section Newsletter. " [quote fr. website 2009.05.15]

    s/a Citizenship and Immigration Canada, official government of Canada website

    Brian E.T. Tsuji, barrister & solicitor
    501 - 134 Abbott Street
    Vancouver, BC
    V6B 2K4
    Phone:  604 688-2286

  • K. I.
    2008-02 update:  not in private practice

  • HAIG OGHIGIAN, lawyer & business transactions arbibrator
    working in Tokyo, Japan

    see article from interview by Japan Inc. Magazine

    Arbitration in Japan, September 17, 2007 / Magazine [issue] No 73 / By Peter Harris

    Abstract "J@pan Inc. interviewed Haig Oghigian, one of Japan's leading arbitration lawyers from Baker & Mckenzie GJBJ Tokyo Aoyama Aoki Koma Law Office, about the growing trend towards using arbitration to resolve commercial disputes. He has acted as counsel and arbitrator in over 35 cases."

    [Petter Harris - Question]
    Has there been a substantial growth in arbitration in Japan?

    [Haig Oghigian - Response / Answer]
    "Absolutely. In large part this is due to what you might term the 壮oft recession of the last 10 years - companies are less prepared to leave money on the table and more prepared to fight for their money. More broadly, another key reason is the result of the rapidity of economic globalization; the percentage of trade that involves parties from at least two different countries has grown exponentially in the last 20 years."

    Peter Harris - Question
    What makes arbitration more suitable for the solution of international disputes?

    [Haig Oghigian - Response / Answer]
    " The international space is where arbitration really comes into its own. In particular, when you have a contract where the parties are of different nationalities arbitration is unquestionably the best option. If a dispute arises for example between a US company and a Japanese company, the Japanese company does not want to go through the US court system and visa versa. Arbitration offers an international alternative where the rules are simple, the process is thorough and settlement, one way or another is normally guaranteed within 6 to 12 months."

    NOTE: for the whole interview, go to


    Haig Oghigian, barrister & solicitor
    The Prudential Tower, 11th Floor
    2-13-10 Nagatacho, Chiyoda-ku
    Tokyo ,
    Phone Number:  011 813 515-72868
    Web: page image of article interview of Haig  Oghigian interview by Peter Harris --  article of Haig Oghigian, focusing on the grwoing use of arbitration lawyers in international business dealings between Japanese companies and companies based in other countries

    update 2009.05.15

Other Community Resources

Please Note:  Web sites on this demonstration listing have been chosen by our project as useful information sites only.  The web sites / people mentioned on this page do not endorse this web page nor nor does the Asian Web Project of endorse the web sites/people in this directory other than to say they may be useful information resources.

Ms. Shiho Kaneko, Japanese business student fr. Tokyo and University of Victoria Business Program - acts as Japanese language-research consutlant to Asian Project

Ms. Shiho Kaneko, B.Comm. Co-Op Program
University of Victoria 2007

Japanese Language Project Consultant for

    Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall

    "Established in 1906, the Vancouver Japanese Language School & Japanese Hall (VJLS-JH) is a linguistic and cultural education centre dedicated to the learning and promotion of the Japanese language and Japanese culture and arts.  For most of our 100 years of history, we have operated as a non-profit, community-based and driven organization, committed to education, culture and community." [quote fr. website 2009.05.15]

    Japanese Language School-Classes-Courses Include:
    Fundamental & Futsu-ka

    Ranging from levels 1~12, fundamental and Futsu-ka courses aim to enable students to read, write and speak Japanese fluently. There are two streams of courses available depending on the language spoken at home:

    • Fundamental:  Japanese for students who are learning it as a second language
    • Futsu-ka:  Japanese for students whose native or first language is Japanese

    Contact info:
    Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall
    475 & 487 Alexander St.
    Vancouver BC
    V6A 1C6
    Phone:  604-254-2551

  • Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens' Association
    #200 - 6688 Southoaks Crescent
    Burnaby, BC
    Canada V5E 4M7
    Phone: (604) 777-5222

  • National Association of Japanese Canadians

    "Convention of the Association of Pan American Nikkei (XIII COPANI) 2005
    In Vancouver, from July 7-9, 2005, the NAJC and the Greater Vancouver Japanese Canadian Citizens Association are co-hosting the Thirteenth Biennial Convention of the Association of Pan American Nikkei, (XIII COPANI) at the Hyatt Hotel, Vancouver British Columbia. The theme of XIII COPANI is Our Heritage and Health in the 21st Century. " [quote fr. website 050304]

  • "From Racism to Redress: The Japanese Canadian Experience"

The above directory of lawyers prepared by Japanese Study Project Team, N.Chan, S. Kaneko & D. Tam
Vancouver-Victoria, BC, Canada
2005.03.04 - 2007.01.30 - 2008.02.12

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Shiho Kaneko, Japanese language consultant for Netpac with Dan Tam, Chinese and Leanna Wong, Italian and French language associates

Language Credits

Above photo from left to right:
Ms. Shiho Kaneko, B.Comm Co-Op Program University of Victoria,
provided the inspiration for this web directory in 2005 and in 2007 returned to Tokyo Japan on finishing her business degree at
Dan Tam, B.A. Economics (with Co-op option) UVic
Ms. Leanna Wong, working on Bachelor Degree in Italian and French pending graduation in 2009 UVic

Note: The Japanese text on this page is borrowed directly from the respective lawyers / community service web site(s) in 2005-2009

Vancouver Immigration Consultant

Akiko Fujita,  Member of Immigration Consutlants of Canada Regulatory Council ICCRC,  fluent in Japanese and based in Vancouver , BC

Akiko Fujita


Akiko is a member of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

Akiko Fujita
Lowe & Company,
business immigration lawyers
#900 - 700 West Broardway Ave.
Vancouver, BC. Canada
Web site:

San Francisco, California - Japanese & Japan Town lawyers

Kaz Maniwa, Attorney

1731 Buchanan Street, #B,
San Francisco
CA 94115
Phone:  (415) 921-9000

Kaz has a private law practice in San Francisco's Japantown and is active in the community.  He has been on the board of the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California since 1983, and currently serves as its Chairman, a position he has held since 1994.  Kaz is also Chairman of the Nihonmachi parking Corporation and is involved in various community groups related to Japan, such as the the San Francisco-Osaka Sister City Organization, the Japan Studies Scholarship Committee and JET Program.

Kaz has chaired the Board of Directors of the CJACLC since 2002.

see also CLICK OT WEBSITE of Japanese Cultural Center of Northern Californai ,  in San Francisco's Japan Town at 1840 Sutter Street

See also San Francisco Lawyers Directory

Canada Immigration Lawyers